Vision, Objects, Purposes and Values of the Association

(I) Vision:

The natural environment and landscape is valued and supported through biodiversity plantings and sustainable commercial-scale tree crops that are integrated with existing land-use systems supporting resilience in Western Australian communities.

(II) Objects and Purpose:

(a) Protect and enhance the environment by increasing the awareness and adoption of biodiversity plantings and tree crops as integral parts of landscape management which address natural resource management (NRM) issues in Western Australia.

(b) Investigate, encourage and support diverse and vertically integrated tree crop industries of sufficient scale to achieve environmental, economic, cultural and social outcomes in agricultural areas Western Australia.

(c) Facilitate appropriate education and training programs and resources for farmers, landowners, tree growers, individuals and organisations within the wider community.

(d) Facilitate activities that support environmental, cultural, social and economic resilience for all sectors of Western Australian society.

(e) Form partnerships with like-minded organisations to achieve the above objectives.

(f) Establish a charity to encourage community giving and participation towards the Objectives.