Activate the Wheatbelt

Activate the Wheatbelt is an exciting youth initiative with many faces:

  • Bringing together rural and urban youth for environmental activities like tree planting.
  • Setting up regional youth centres – these are to be led and guided by the young people themselves so that the programs developed are just what they themselves want and need.
  • Education and Training – but with a real focus on hands-on creative projects that build confidence and skills. Usually the participants don’t even realise they are actually learning.

Activate activities are tailor-made to suit the wants and needs of young people living in regional Western Australia and is open to non-indigenous and indigenous Australians.

We are basing our Activate the Wheatbelt program on the successful Activate program developed by our Community Development Officer, Mrs Rosanne Scott. Rosanne was the key architect of City Farm in East Perth and has over 20 years of experience in working with and inspiring young people. Avongro is extremely lucky to have attracted Rosanne and her wealth of experience.

Rosanne developed City Farm from an old tip and over 17 years attracted a crew of innovative people to help her build the City Farm vision, one of non-judgement and compassion. Today she works exclusively for Avongro.

Follow Activate the Wheatbelt on Facebook and/or donate to Avongro to help rural youth gain respect and self-esteem while learning about the environment.

Activate the Wheatbelt is only one example of Avongro’s many educational activities.