Activate the Wheatbelt

Our volunteer-based Activate the Wheatbelt program holds community weekends in WA’s Wheatbelt to plant trees to improve rural landscape health.

Significant clearing of much of the Wheatbelt’s native bushland has caused many serious environmental issues including salinity, soil erosion and the loss of native fauna habitat.

Through the spirit of celebration and the physical planting of trees, Activate’s tree planting festivals help people get back in touch with Mother Nature. People can help repair our environment while meeting new friends and experiencing some of the rawest WA bush festivals brought to you by members of the legendary Activate team.

150,000 trees and counting…


8,000 seedlings at Merredin
5,000 seedlings at Quellington Duck Pool Reserve on the Mortlock River
4,500 seedlings by the Dale River


16,000 biodiverse seedlings at Gabbin in the Eastern Wheatbelt
10,000  trees and shrub seedlings as part of a wetlands rehabilitation project in Greenbushes


26,000 seedlings at Gabbin
25,000 seedings on the Avon and Mortlock River link at York


27,500 seedlings at Gabbin
24,000 seedlings at York


31,200 seedlings at Gabbin over 60 hectares, to link two reserves

Some of the Activate crew at Gabbin 2018

You’re invited to help!

Come to a tree planting festival – details at – and/or donate to Avongro’s Activate the Wheatbelt program.

The Gabbin project

This Eastern Wheatbelt project, with assistance from State NRM and the National Landcare Program, supports Gabbin farmers Bob Huxley (RIP) and Ros McFarlane’s vision to create a 25km continuous vegetated habitat corridor connecting the Gabbin, Mulji and Narkle Reserves near the town of Koorda. It contributes to the revegetation of native habitat in the predominantly sheep and wheat farming region.

In 2017 Activate crew planted 27,500 seedlings with 40 tree planters in less than two days. This revegetated 50 hectares now connects to the land planted with 26,000 seedlings in 2016, creating a corridor between the Gabbin reserve, a 250-hectare nature reserve where the vulnerable malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) are known to live, and the Mulji reserve to the north.

We love bringing people, music, art and environment together in a rural setting to inspire positive pro-environment attitudes. Aboriginal Elders from Country join us and bush walks are provided to learn more about nature. Other Activate activities held in the Wheatbelt include seed collecting, sandalwood seed planting and harvesting, as well as bush management and conservation work.


Avongro has been home to Activate Tree Planting Events since 2014. The  program is based on the successful Activate initiative developed in 2000 by the Perth City Farm founders, Rosanne and Thom Scott, who’ve held many successful Activate events. Rosanne and Thom have over 20-years of experience working with and inspiring young people. Today, the Activate team members bring a unique and diverse set of skills to this community-based rural regeneration experience.