Christie Kingston

Christie Kingston
(Photo by Seng Mah of Venture Photography)

Christie and her husband run their mixed cropping and merino wool farm in Goomalling, within a global biodiversity hotspot. They are proud of their on-farm revegetation efforts so far but believe they still have a long way to go.

Christie first became involved in Avongro by participating in our workshops and attending the Master TreeGrower course when Monica Durcan was at the helm. Since then she has helped Avongro with grant writing, project management, our Facebook page and this website.

She was an environmentalist even before learning about ecology and global warming in high school in the 1980s. Christie is a director at Farmers for Climate Action and runs their Facebook page, as well as ours and the Goomalling Community Garden’s page.

Christie is a mum, community volunteer, landcarer, bookworm, instructional designer and former independent local government councillor. She has qualifications in sustainability, training and assessment, information technology and multimedia. She loves kindness, fairness, music, films, art and languages.

She tweets at @ChristieKngstn and is on LinkedIn