Avongro has conducted many field days, workshops, farm tours, courses and field walks as part of its education strategy to reach farm communities in the Wheatbelt. Recent highlights include Heavenly Hectares and Property Planning workshops for landholders held in partnership with The Forever Project. The E‑sensual Sandalwood workshops for women in 2012 – 13 was very well attended and received, as well as a 3-day tour for the Oil Mallee Association highlighting innovative developments in the Oil Mallee industry.

Avongro has also produced eight case studies highlighting innovative farm practices in the Wheatbelt, assisted WA Wheatbelt Australian Forest Growers with three field days that attracted 60 participants and produced associated media including the production and distribution of an educational DVD.

Activate the WheatbeltAvongro’s landcare and farm forestry training programs and education resources are for everyone, including farmers, tree growers, landholders, and young people. Tree crop resources and videos are available on this website in addition to Avongro’s face to face events, which have included:

Activate the Wheatbelt

Activate the Wheatbelt is an exciting youth initiative bringing together rural and urban youth for environmental activities like tree planting; setting up regional youth centres to be led and guided by young people; and providing training with a real focus on hands-on creative projects to build confidence and skills.

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Australian Master TreeGrowers course

Avongro has run the Master Tree Growers course several times attracting broadacre farmers and other rural landholders. As a result of the great information, visits to tree crops, participants’ presentations and networking, many hectares of tree crops have been planted. Do you have challenging paddocks like this? You can bring them back to life. How? With sandalwood.One of the 2011 Avon Master Tree Growers course highlights was the day in Mt Marshall where the exciting Mt Marshall Sandalwood project was developed. In 2012 Avongro assisted Mt Marshall Sandalwood become independently incorporated.


Avongro was one of the first organisations to provide a workshop to landholders in the wheatbelt about carbon accounting and planting trees for carbon sequestration.