Getting Started

Adding tree crops to your farming system has many advantages, tree crops can:

  • address environmental issues;
  • lower the groundwater table and protect crops and pastures from wind and water erosion;
  • provide diversification of income;
  • utilise rainfall at any time of the year; and
  • provide habitat and biodiversity enhancement.

A well planned tree crop system should provide the landholder with something to harvest each year. The range of tree crops on a farm should include short, medium and long-term crops (annual nut crop, five year coppicing species, long-term speciality timbers) planted at a commercial scale to ensure they are viable to harvest.

The best place to start is with the Farm Forestry Development Officer working in your region or contact your Private Forestry Development Committee Executive Officer.

Some resources to help you get started, compiled by a range of revegetation experts:

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