Activate the Wheatbelt

We like to party! We bring city and country people together for our family-friendly tree planting festivals, and everyone is invited. Read more about Activate the Wheatbelt, and be sure to follow to find out when and where our next festival is.

Malleefowl corridor

We’re on a 10-year mission to provide a 25 kilometre vegetated habitat link for the vulnerable malleefowl that inhabit the Gabbin, Narkal and Mulji reserves in WA’s Eastern Wheatbelt.

Malleefowl, Ongerup

We’re developing a section of habitat corridor to the north and a vegetative buffer to the east of the Gabbin Reserve – in a part of the Australian landscape that has been largely cleared of native vegetation and is at risk from climate change. Our activities include local seed collecting, a community tree-planting and education event that includes delivering Indigenous Ecological Knowledge, working with Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia to conduct a survey of the reserve, and implementing threat mitigation for the malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) and other threatened species.

Gabbin House

The historic Gabbin Boarding house is being transferred to Avongro. We’ll share the space and restoration work with the Gabbin Association. We can’t wait to run events there when it’s restored!

Gabbin House

Granite Way Geopark

A geopark is a community-led tourist region that celebrates its unique geology, biodiversity and local cultures. Geoparks create jobs and diversify local economies through love of the natural world and respect for people. What do stakeholders think about the idea of creating one in the Wheatbelt? Find out in our WA Granite Way Geopark Potential Report.

Promoting tree crops and revegetation

We want rural communities to profit from revegetation. Our ongoing research into Sheoak (Casuarina obesa) at AldersydeGoomalling, and other locations, aims to give farmers info to maximise success of tree crops.

Thumbnail of Avongro's Frankia and swamp sheoak trials fact sheet

We also promote the habitat value of indigenous perennial tree crop systems in the WA Wheatbelt. 

Our YouTube channel showcases farmers integrating tree crops into their landscapes, and how to manage trees if the eventual plan is to harvest them for timber.


We enjoy partnering with experts to run workshops in the wheatbelt on topics aimed to help make people’s lives richer, safer, prosperous and sustainable: the Master TreeGrower Course, E-sensual Sandalwood, Heavenly Hectares, Property Planning, Bushfire Preparation, and Eco-retrofitting Your Home.

Sharing info

We share tree cropping, natural resource management and community development info at, and

Check out our associates‘ pages for species-specific tree cropping info. Our printed newsletter archives are well worth a trawl too… 2008 Spring, Winter; 2007 November, April; 2006 December, May; 2005 end of year, first ever.