Rosanne Scott

Rosanne Scott, Principal Facilitator – Community Engagement

Rosanne Scott started her career as a primary school teacher.  In 1989 she was inspired to become involved with environmental work through Men of the Trees W.A.

First Woman President of Men of the Trees (2004 to 2006), and on the Board from 1995 to 2007 – Rosanne served this organisation for 20 years.  She Co-Founded Children of the Trees (COTT) as a branch of Men of the Trees (1990 – 1992) which eventually evolved to become Planetary Action Network (PAN), the youth voluntary branch of Men of the Trees (1992 – 2007). Rosanne was presented with an Honorary Life Membership for her service in 1997.

Rosanne Scott founded Perth City Farm in 1994 with a team of young people and held the position of  Director for 17 years – pioneering youth-facilitated events in WA, giving young people a voice in managing their own cultural events.  It was Rosanne’s passionate vision of a holistic project, crossing all human needs, that saw the birth and evolution of Perth City Farm – kick-starting the Community Garden movement in Perth.  Rosanne secured a 40 year lease that commenced in 2004.  Her motto “Planting trees to help people grow” combines her passion for the environment and for people.

From 1990 to 2002 Rosanne built bridges with the Wadjari people of the Murchison region 750 km north east of Perth through the Pia project – bringing young people from the city to live and work with Aboriginal people – planting native trees, fruit trees and vegetable gardens.  She facilitated holiday programs for the aboriginal children bringing artists and musicians to deliver a whole range of activities.  Over the 12 years many people had the opportunity to also learn about dry-lands permaculture.

From 2000 to 2010 Rosanne, with her team of young people successfully planted thousands of trees in the Wheatbelt through Activate Tree Planting events.  With an average of 35 people at a time, many of whom had never been tree planting before, trees were planted willingly with the offer of music, food and friendship.

Rosanne was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow by the East Perth Rotary in 2009 for service to the community, and placed on the Conservation Council of Western Australia’s Honours List 2010, for her environmental work over the last 20 years.

Rosanne’s community engagement and empowerment role at Avongro Inc is in the area of her passion – bringing community, education and the environment together –  advising Wheatbelt communities on community gardens, facilitating youth initiatives, working with Aboriginal people, tree planting events and partnering with land managers – to ‘Activate the Wheatbelt’.