Tree Species

Tree crops such as Oil Mallees for bioenergy, Brushwood for fencing, and Sandalwood and Swamp Sheoak can be integrated into current farming practices, and have the potential to boost profitability in farming. That could mean more jobs, more people, a healthier environment, and a sustainable new industry in the WA Wheatbelt.

Triple Bottom Line Benefits for Tree Cropping. . .


  • Extra income source for farmers from the sale of tree crop products.
  • Improved returns from traditional agricultural products (eg. increased production from shelter for livestock and crops).
  • Diversification of farm commodities and income streams.
  • Reduced public cost in addressing natural resource management issues (eg. salinity and water quality).


  • Reduction of ground water recharge through establishing profitable perennial vegetation.
  • Salinity mitigation from appropriately sited plantations, alleys or belts of commercial trees.
  • Improved catchment water quality through nutrient stripping and salinity mitigation.
  • Habitat restoration and biodiversity enhancement.
  • Improved soil management (wind and water erosion).
  • Waste water management.
  • Carbon sequestration.
  • Reduced impact of flooding in certain catchments.


  • Increased employment opportunities in rural areas.
  • Development of new infrastructure and processing facilities stimulating regional business growth.
  • Leveraging of external investment into rural communities.

Invest in a Growing Future

Every year our environment changes. As farmers we experience first hand how these changes can negatively affect our environment and livelihood.

Become a tree crop farmer and your investment today will be priceless to future generations of Avon River Basin farmers.

AVONGRO is your one-stop-shop for all the information you will require for getting started. If the information you are looking for can’t be found on our website, or if you have articles relevant to the tree crop industry and would like to add them to the AVONGRO website please call Rosanne Scott on 0458 015 361 or email

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